Type in some figures (like 100 women earning 60,000 per year) and press Enter/Return to see the results. Exciting, right? Imagine what we could do!

Coach to 5K is not just a program. It's a movement.

  • Do I have to be a woman to take part in Coach to 5K?

No. The idea came from my desire to see more women succeed in their coaching businesses so that they could have a better sense of their own value and feel more financially secure. But I want all wonderful coaches to succeed. The world needs us.

  • What if I want to earn MORE than 5K per month?

That's amazing! Getting from zero to 5K per month is the first step, and it's often the most challenging. That's a big reason why I created Coach to 5K, to get you to that 5K mark more easily.

  • What if I have never earned anything from my coaching?

Then you're in the right place. Coach to 5K is for coaches who aren't consistently earning at least 5K per month.

  • I'm in a job that pays more than 5K a month. I'm afraid to leave the safety of that and go out on my own, even though I really want to. What encouragement can you give me?

This is a biggie. We all have to decide when the time is right. I know with 100 percent certainty that if you really want to go out on your own and earn money as a coach, you can. Start with earning 5K a month, which you can do even if you are still in a full-time job. Sound too good to be true? It's isn't. Here's the thing: Most coaches are spending their limited time on tasks that don't bring in income. Coach to 5K will fix this. Start with the free training (click here). Within just a few minutes of listening to the Step 1 audio, you can eliminate some major "time sucks" and focus your energy where it actually matters.

  • Is it too late for me? I'm an older person, and I'm not sure I can do all this online business stuff.

It's never too late. I started my coaching business from scratch at age 54, with no backup plan, no savings, no other income source. Everything I teach is based on keeping everything as simple and low tech as possible.

  • I've tried to make money as a coach for a long time, and nothing has worked. Why will the Coach to 5K programs work for me?

You're not alone. I founded Coach to 5K to create a calm space for you start again, fresh, with inspiration and guidance from a caring expert (that's me!).

  • What kinds of offerings will I hear about?

I offer different types support depending on what you desire: free audio trainings, online courses, and an exclusive coach-training program.. Everything is focused on simplicity, ease and fun. You can visit this page for more details. Oh! And I don't limit myself to teaching and coaching only about business. I'm open to inspiration and will teach and coach you on living the life you want to live. You have permission.