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Cultivate Self-Love by Mary Schiller: Challenge Freebie

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30-day Cultivate Self-Love Challenge!

  • Delivered in a Canva template (free account OK!) to customize & brand as your own in minutes (how-to video included)
  • Download as a .pdf & offer as a freebie TODAY to grow your list
  • Use the challenge calendar & the content in any way you'd like -- to support people in feeling better about themselves while you grow your coaching business

Hi, Coach!

You've discovered the secret to creating your offers faster & easier -- with done-for-you, pre-made & ready-to-go content

What if you could create and sell a new course, digital product or coaching program whenever you wanted, without spending days (or weeks or months) writing it yourself?

Mary Schiller

You're meant to coach people, make an impact and make a wonderful income without the stress and overwhelm.

Let me create your next offer for you

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"What is a CourseBook, Mary?"

A CourseBook is done-for-you, pre-made content that you can personalize, brand and sell.

This type of content is sometimes called "white label" or "private label rights," meaning it is copyright free. Buy it, and it's yours to use in almost any way you want to.
The best part? It's made in a Canva template, fully designed and ready for you to customize as you like. Or take the content and turn it into almost anything! Each CourseBook is 4,000 to 5,000 words.

When you buy a CourseBook, you'll receive a .pdf with a link to the Canva template, which can be used in a free Canva account. Just personalize the content, brand it your way, and it's ready to sell. You could have a product or program out there for people to buy in less than a day!

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Who writes all the done-for-you content here?

Mary Schiller

I do!

I'm the only person who can write them to the quality you deserve. Because you deserve the BEST.

No anonymous writers who get an assignment and then write to get a paycheck. No way!

Every CourseBook, Audio Script and Journal is written out of love for YOU and your dreams of success. That energy matters. It's infused into every word of every CourseBook.

Plus, I'm a professional coach, copywriter, curriculum designer and university educator with 2 master's degrees, in English and online education.

Oh! And I've also sold $500,000 worth of coaching programs, online courses and other digital products.

Why use done-for-you content by Mary? Because ...

You deserve to have more Freedom.

You deserve to make more Money and Impact more lives.

And you deserve to do it all with Ease.

This is about living a life of fun, flow &Passion.

Mary Schiller

Here are some ideas for how to use your CourseBooks.

Use this ready-to-go content to create and sell ...

  • an ebook/workbook
  • a 5-day challenge (free or paid)
  • an online course
  • a live group program
  • a weekend workshop
  • a membership offer for recurring income
  • a series of live talks
  • a private coaching package
  • a course delivered via email
  • a premium VIP day or weekend
  • a private podcast
  • and/or ...
  • use it as a lead magnet
  • or use it for your social media posts
  • What else can you think of?

Is there anything you can't do with the done-for-you content

you purchase here? 

You can do almost anything with done-for-you content, but there are a few things that aren't permitted. More details at the link in the footer.

  • You cannot give away or sell the rights to the materials. They are for you only.
  • You cannot put the contents into a book on Amazon (against Amazon's rules).
  • You cannot give or sell the editable file to anyone, including clients or customers.
  • You cannot submit the content to article directories.
  • You cannot use my name, Mary Schiller, or my company name, SVP Consulting, Inc., on the content.
  • You do not own the copyright but purchase the right to use the content.
  • If you sell via a platform like Payhip or Gumroad, you must customize the material and make it your own (which you would want to do, anyway). They don't want several people selling the exact same product, which makes sense.
Mary Schiller

Consider me part of your team!

The "BIG NAME coaches" all have writers on their team, so why shouldn't you? Now, you do!

Stop trying to do it all yourself. It's exhausting and doesn't support your dreams and goals, not to mention your life.

CourseBooks are the modern way for you to create your next amazing offer. Let's do this -- together.

Your next coaching program or course is waiting for you ...

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CourseBook Bundles:

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*NEW* Pre-Made Journals

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What coaches are saying about CourseBooks

“I appreciate that you're on our/my team, Mary! You are such a wonderfully gifted writer and I am so grateful that you have created the CourseBooks. ... Also, using the CourseBooks as a springboard is really helpful and I can even see myself writing my own ebook at some point. (Watch this space!) I also appreciate all the suggestions you give for how we could use the CourseBooks."

Sharon J. Crabbe

The CourseBooks are amazing, and it was so helpful to go through it after the [UPLEVEL] workshop."

Mary Strange

"Mary, I am so grateful for your remark about being on my team. ... Your generosity allowed me to be more expansive in my thinking about what I could offer to others and not be limited to my skills in formatting curriculum and knowledge of technology for a delivery system. ... So much love to you for sharing your brilliance!"

Debbie Harbinson

" ... worth hundreds of dollars (not to mention thousands of hours it would have taken me to create it. Way to go, Mary! Such an inspiration."

Chris D.

"It's going to keep on giving in ways I wouldn't have expected. ... Sometimes we just need help to start. And you are so generous in sharing how the book can be used. Truly helpful!"

M. (one of Mary's clients)