Hi, I'm Mary, creator of SoloSpace.

Where women solopreneurs take up space, make the rules & break the rules. We Rule!

I believe that every woman who wants to be a solopreneur can do so -- with ease. The problem is, we've been trying to squeeze into rules that weren't made by -- or for -- us.

It's time to switch up the energy behind solopreneurship. To YOUR energy. To YOUR desires.

That's when magic happens.

What have we been told we have to do?

"You have to have a super-duper website before you can start ..."

"You need a multi-step sales funnel and FB ads or you won't get anywhere ..."

"You need a huge following before you can start making money and you MUST have an exact blueprint to follow ..."

None of that is true. It's also forcing you to do things you may not even WANT to do. That's not the vibe we want!

It's time for you to actually do what you want and have what you want.

Together, you and I will break the rules, make new rules, and maybe even throw out the rules altogether.

I never thought I had this solopreneur magic.
And guess what? You do, too!

See how a tired, middle-aged woman broke free from a tall, gleaming tower of terror, where she was stuck in a job she hated, and -- like magic! -- became a solopreneur who does what she wants, makes a great living and enjoys life more than ever

Click here to read the story (it has a happy ending!)

When you hear someone telling you what you "must" do to be a successful solopreneur, ask yourself:

1. In my heart of hearts, do I REALLY want to do that?
2. If not, what step sounds like magic to me -- and when will I take it?

Here's What's Cookin' Around Here

Practice Spaces: Practice what you learn so that you can go out and DO

My live group programs are unique because they give you a supportive space in which to practice everything you learn. Build your confidence and make progress.

LET'S GET VISIBLE: Practice sharing your message, being seen & being heard
YOU'VE GOT THE POWER: Practice putting your happy energy where it really matters

Women Take Up Space

An exciting and dynamic community of women who are doing solopreneurship their way. Expand your life while you create your biz.

Receive support, and get your questions answered in a space where we all "get it." We know you want to come out of hiding make an incredible impact. Let's do this -- together.

The Accountability Coach Training Program (ACT)

My signature, exclusive 6-week course for aspiring and/or professional coaches who are ready to up the ante in their life & business.

Cats have been some of my best teachers. Yes, cats!

They live a magical life, filled with play and rest, friskiness and fun--all of the joys we want, too.

These are the 3 claws of "whisker wisdom":

(1) Ask for what you need, when you need it.

(2) If it's not what you want to do, don't do it.

(3) Indulge yourself in both rest and play.

Cats don't live in the world of "but ...". They live in the world of "I'm doing this ...". Period.

They don't wait for permission or approval, or for someone to tell them what to do.

They respond to what calls to them without questioning anything, ever.

Can you imagine a cat saying to themselves,"I really want to take a nap, but what will people think of me?"

Next time you're listening to the BUTs in life, act like a cat.

I have learned a lot from my beautiful feline friends:
Tack, Chelsea, Emma, Sophia (in the photo) and -- the only one who is still with me -- Starbuck.

Want to create more space in your life & in solopreneurship?

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The Coach's Confidence Booster

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"I would recommend the Accountability Coach Training program 100 percent! This is hands down the best course I have participated in for a very long time.

It’s practical, I’ve learnt by doing and implemented what I’ve learned immediately. I love the simplicity of the approach, and anyone who is a coach or wants to start a coaching business can do it."

Mary Strange, accountability coach

"A big thank you to Mary Schiller who is the gift that keeps on giving.   Mary is clear, concise and cuts through confusion and overwhelm."

Angela Durrant, maverickcommunication.co.uk

"Mary has helped me immeasurably. Honestly, it’s hard to put into words. She’s introduced me to the idea that what I want is valid, achievable and, actually, easy!

I would strongly recommend Mary to anyone considering working with her. She is direct, uncompromising, kind, generous, very smart and altogether wonderful!"

Ali Duffey, coach, aliduffey.com

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