Something about Mary

Hi! I’m Mary Schiller (floating on the lake in lovely Annecy, France).

I'm the Coach's Coach,

dedicated to helping you create the business & life you really want

I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re anything like I was, you may be working really hard

but you aren’t LIVING the way you want to.

It took me a while (that's an understatement!)

but when I was 52 years old, I discovered a few things:

  • We don’t have to “work for a living,” and, instead, we can LIVE for a living
  • We can stop spending time doing things we don't want to do ... and create a new path
  • We can have the life and business we truly want. We just have to make a commitment to the vision we have — not the pretend vision, but the REAL one that comes from the heart.
  • Then, we act on that vision. Every day. Simple as that.

To make a long story very short, I went from someone who suffered daily from symptoms of PTSD for 30 years ...

to leaving all of that behind forever and becoming ME.

  • I became an independent author and coach, starting my own business in 2016 from (less than!) zero and reaching 6 figures in year 2 and beyond.
  • I do what I want, and nothing I don't. YES, you read that correctly. Why do something if I don't want to do it?
  • I moved to my dream city of Paris, France, where I now live with my husband Jeff and a cute kitty named Starbuck.
  • I also live closer to our daughter Rachel, which had been something I wanted for years -- and then I was able to make it happen with ease.

Jeff and Mary

I see two keys to having what we want in life:

following the fun and knowing that it can be easy.

I'm always asking myself these 2 questions:

"What if it's actually easy?"

"How can I have more fun?"

Since 2016, my books and programs have helped thousands of people give themselves permission to live the life they want to live.

Mary Schiller's books

They're all available on Amazon worldwide. I have more books planned, too.

Would you like an ebook just for visiting this page? Awesome!

Click here to get your copy of CHILL OUT: 10 Life Hacks to Do Less & Have More

It's my gift to you.

Today, my primary focus is helping people create a simple, powerful & profitable online coaching business without the overwhelm.

It is so much fun to take a small step every day toward what we really want.

We're free to follow the fun instead of the overwhelm and struggle.

What could be better than that?

Would you like to see how easy it can be?

Then please accept another gift from me (hey, that rhymes!)

Download your free guide: INSTANT CLIENTS! The ONE thing you can offer that everyone wants (& will pay you for)

Here's a sneak peek:

  • Discover the simplest source of new clients
  • Learn how you can have an online coaching business without the overwhelm
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5 Random Facts About Me …

  • I eat chocolate daily. Literally.
  • My two siblings are nearly 20 years older than I am (with the same parents!).
  • I’m an unapologetic cat lady.
  • I’ve been to Disneyland (the real one, in Anaheim) at least 100 times. Maybe 200.
  • Although I pretend it’s not true, I really have no sense of style.

Nice Things People Have Said About Working With Me

"A big thank you to Mary Schiller who is the gift that keeps on giving. . . .  Mary is clear, concise and cuts through confusion and overwhelm."

-- Angela Durrant,

"Mary sharing how simple it can be has made us scrap off a massive amount of unproductive stuff we were doing.

We have already started spending less time on boring things and are making more money.  We do still have a way to go … but we are going! Dancing and playing along the way.

Mary, this is amazing. Thank you for clearing the junk so we can see the way forward."

-- Debra Simmons,

"If you ever have an inkling that there’s more to life (in your work, your business, your relationships) if you could just work out how, Mary’s the coach you want!

She has an uncanny knack of seeing way more potential in you than you see yourself and she stretches you to go just beyond your comfort zone so that, bit by bit, you find yourself doing things that are so necessary for your business but that on your own you were too afraid to even try.

Since I’ve been working with Mary, I’ve made some wonderful shifts and my business is starting to head in the direction I’ve wanted it to go for a very long time!"

-- Gill Baronetti, leadership & relationship coach

Mary Schiller

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here.

I'm so happy to know that we're connected.

I can't wait to see what you create.

Much love and gratitude,

Mary, the Coach's Coach