Once upon a time ...

There was a middle-aged woman who worked, worked, worked, and had little to show for it.

Locked away in a cubicle (actually, it was a closet--no joke) inside a tall tower near Central Park in NYC, she yearned to be free.

Every day for one hour, she would be let out of the tower to walk through the park. After her one hour of freedom was over, she would return to the tall, gleaming tower until 5 o’clock, then released into the dark subway forest to try to get safely home ... only to return to the tower the next day.

Nevetheless, she had hope.

She would wish upon the lights of the Empire State Building, dreaming of another life. She knew that she could make a difference in people’s lives. She wanted to have fun, and to use her talents and skills to create a life she truly loved: to be nearer her daughter; to live and do whatever her heart desired.

"But," she told herself, "I don't know how to start. And besides, I'm too old to do something new. I'll never be able to make an income on my own!"

Then one day, the middle-aged woman got fired.

She panicked. She had no money, no source of income, no plan, no idea what to do. In tears, she phoned her fairy godmother on Skype (well, her coach, but the conversation was magical).

She told her fairy godmother what she wanted: a fun and exciting life, where she could earn an income the way she wanted to. As she shared this dream with her fairy godmother, she kept saying ...

"But I'm too old. But I'm not qualified. But who would pay me?"

Her fairy godmother stopped the middle-aged woman mid-sentence, waved her wand and asked a question that changed her life …

What if it’s actually easy for you to have your own business, make a difference, and make great money?

Mary Schiller

Just like THAT (snap your fingers for the full effect), the BUTs didn't matter anymore.

Because what was a BUT compared to the power she had with herself?

The middle-aged woman realized that all she had to do were 2 simple things: first, follow what was fun and what was calling to her to do, and then put Butt In Chair -- BIC -- every day and do it.

"That's the magic! It's ME," she exclaimed to her fairy godmother, who nodded as if to say, "Didn't you ever watch 'The Wizard of Oz,' for goodness' sake?"

Within 12 months, the middle-aged woman had started her new career as a coach and moved to her dream city of lights, macarons and croissants,

Now, she begins her day whenever she wants, she lives closer to her daughter, and she can go to a museum any day of the week.

In case you haven’t guessed it, "she" is ME.

Now I want to wave my wand over you, too. I will abracadabra when you stop yourself with "BUTs" and show you that you can have the life you want by following the fun and putting BIC (Butt In Chair) every day.

Having what we want isn’t about locking ourselves away, working hard or even "working" at all. It's about doing what we want, and letting everything else go. Everything.

Nice to meet you!
XO Your Friendly Fairy BUT-Kicker

Since 2016, my books and programs have helped thousands of people give themselves permission to live the life they want to live.

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7 random facts about me …

Mary Schiller
  • I eat chocolate daily. Literally.
  • My two siblings are nearly 20 years older than I am (with the same parents, yep).
  • I’m an unapologetic cat lady.
  • I’ve been to Disneyland (the real one, in Anaheim) at least 100 times. Maybe 200.
  • Although I pretend it’s not true, I really have no sense of style. Case in point: my daughter chose this pink dress for me!
  • I'm a huge fan of Billie Eilish. Favorite songs: everything i wanted, i love you.
  • I can't sing, but I sing anyway. I also occasionally write silly songs. You can hear two of them if you keep scrolling. :-)

Nice things people have said about working with me ...

"A big thank you to Mary Schiller who is the gift that keeps on giving. . . .  Mary is clear, concise and cuts through confusion and overwhelm."

-- Angela Durrant, maverickcommunication.co.uk

"Mary sharing how simple it can be has made us scrap off a massive amount of unproductive stuff we were doing.

We have already started spending less time on boring things and are making more money.  We do still have a way to go … but we are going! Dancing and playing along the way.

Mary, this is amazing. Thank you for clearing the junk so we can see the way forward."

-- Debra Simmons, dare2bu.co.uk

"If you ever have an inkling that there’s more to life (in your work, your business, your relationships) if you could just work out how, Mary’s the coach you want!

She has an uncanny knack of seeing way more potential in you than you see yourself and she stretches you to go just beyond your comfort zone so that, bit by bit, you find yourself doing things that are so necessary for your business but that on your own you were too afraid to even try.

Since I’ve been working with Mary, I’ve made some wonderful shifts and my business is starting to head in the direction I’ve wanted it to go for a very long time!"

-- Gill Baronetti, leadership & relationship coach

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here

Mary Schiller

I'm so happy to know that we're connected.

I can't wait to see what you create when you kick the BUT out of your way.

Much love and gratitude,

Mary Schiller, your friendly fairy BUT-Kicker

Here's where I can't write songs or sing, but I write songs and sing, anyway!

You've been warned ;-)