The Coach to 5K Academy is a 6-month group mentorship program for ambitious and inspired coaches like you who want to start earning 5K per month consistently

You may have taken lots of coach training or other courses/programs already but haven’t been able to put all the pieces together.

You are also done with complexity and confusion. Instead, you want clarity and focus.

You’d also love to have expert, long-term mentoring support to see you through the ups and downs, the questions and answers -- and of course, your forward progress to those consistent 5K months.


Receive one new pre-recorded or live masterclass per month during your membership. Plus, you'll receive 3 courses to get you started on the path to 5K months.


You begin with a 1:1 kickoff call to set up your personalized Coach to 5K plan, and then we'll meet again in month 3 to regroup and keep you on track.


Attend 3 live group Zoom calls per month & participate in a private FB group. Receive expert answers and unparalleled peer and coaching support.

What Coach to 5K Academy members say

You couldn't ask for a better mentor and guide than Mary Schiller when it comes to building your coaching business.

Mary has exceeded my expectations and constantly surprises and delights me with her proactive responses to what's needed in that red-hot moment -- even creating additional, personally tailored content as a result of a focused conversation.

She has taken the terror out of being a businesswoman, and brought the joy, the laughter, the productivity and creativity back in. I can't recommend her enough. Everyone should be so blessed to have Mary on their side.

— Dorothy Kolomeisky, author and coach

Mary, what I am learning, seeing and experiencing is so much bigger than I expected to get from this program! It goes deep and is fundamentally changing how I perceive myself and how I live my life.

So many things are starting to make sense, along with exactly what I’m here to share and why my business is at the stage it is. Huge! Thank you!

— Alys G. Daly (find her on FB!), mindset, business & success strategist

I've had some massive realizations about why I haven't had more results with my programs and offerings: they often haven't been specific enough in terms of the audience and results.

I'm ever so much clearer on how to go forward.

— Nina Lockwood, coach,

My promise to you

I promise to give you both the energy shifts and the simple tools and trainings to help you transform your business (and your life!) inside the Coach to 5K Academy.

I promise to bring all of my expertise to you daily: everything I have learned from running a 6-figure coaching business as a solopreneur since 2016.

In exchange, I need you to make a promise to me.

I need you to show up.

To be open to new ideas and ready to try new things consistently.

People who are successful are willing to go ALL IN.

That's what I'm about, too. I go ALL IN, every day.

Let's do this together.

You are a good fit for the Coach to 5K Academy if you ...

  • Have had some paying coaching clients already, even if it's just a few
  • Have an audience, even if it's really small
  • Are ALL IN on stepping into your life, your business, your self-leadership
  • Want to really SELL your genius

"How do I join, Mary?"

The Academy opens for enrollment again in early 2022. Click the button below to be added to the waitlist.

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Join the Coach to 5K Academy, and you'll have 6 months of access to ...

  • 2 private Coach to 5K Plan Zoom calls with Mary (valued at $650)
  • at least 1 business-building course per month -- either a live or pre-recorded training (value: at least $200 per course, so $1,200+)
  • The complete Coach to 5K online course (lifetime access, even after your Academy membership is completed, valued at $500)
  • group Q&A calls 3 times a month on Zoom; they are also recorded for you (valued at $500/month, or $3,000 total)
  • BONUS: private FB group to post questions anytime and receive personal responses and support (valued at $250/month, or $1,500 total)
  • BONUS: a private podcast version of each of the trainings so that you can learn on the go
  • BONUS: VIP pricing on Mary's private coaching via the Voxer app

The total value based on actual numbers (not fake ones!) is $6,850+.

But 6 months of membership in the Academy is less priced at less than half that, at $3,000. There is also a 6-month payment plan ($555 per month).

  • Click the button, below, to hear when the Academy reopens for enrollment.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of all of the women who have come before me. Coach to 5K is dedicated to them. They are the reason I am stepping forward -- to honor what they have done, all that they have sacrificed, to give us a better life. Let's do this for them and for the women who come after us, too, not just for ourselves.

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