What if one simple shift in your coaching business could take you from stuck to THRIVING?

Most people struggle to have an online coaching business because ...

- They can't get enough clients

- It's hard to stand out in the crowd (and marketing is complicated)

- They're not sure what to offer or how to price it

There's a simple solution

Train to be an accountability coach & have new clients saying, "Sign me up!"

Coach people in a simple, fun way that gets them results -- faster

Spend less time on coaching calls while earning more money

Spend your extra time celebrating instead of stressing out!


As an accountability coach, you can relax because ...

  • It's much easier to get new clients -- without an email list or even a website
  • You can do this 100 percent online & without fancy tech
  • Marketing and selling is simple because people "get it" -- and they get results!
  • You can reduce your coaching hours significantly

Accountability coaching works in any niche: life, business, health, anything -- or no niche at all

So if you don't have a niche, you can stop worrying about that (whew!)

+ Better results for clients

+ More fun for you

+ A much easier "sell"

= A simple, effective coaching business

the Accountability Coach Training

online program (ACT)

"I am not afraid to reach out and if someone wants help, I KNOW this will help them. 

Results are so fast! It is more fun, as Mary says, and you watch people blossom before your eyes. Because you don't have to offer a 6-month, etc., program, you can really make it appealing for them to give it a try and they will get benefit right away!"

-- Chris de la Cruz, coach

"When I joined the Accountability Coach Training program, I started to get things done. It boosted me to do my first accountability programs: a free challenge and a paid accountability online program.

I also now have a lot of ideas for the future.

I think this is the missing piece that is needed in all coaching."

-- Juha Kivenen, coach

How might your business -- & life -- change if you could ...

  • Clearly & powerfully answer the question, "What do you do?"
  • Have an easier time getting clients?
  • Stand out from the crowd & create your own niche?
  • Spend less time but know how to make more money from your coaching business?

Help someone succeed, and you'll have a client for life


Add accountability into your current coaching business


Or do accountability coaching in any niche, all on its own


Get up & running fast, without fancy tech or even an email list

What more Accountability Coach Training participants say ...

"In all my experience as both a coach and a 'coachee,' I’ve not come across a training more on point than the Accountability Coach Training.

Mary provides the missing ingredient to virtually any program or coaching out there.

I look forward to offering something I know works and will make a difference in any coaching arena."

-- Linda Hough, artist & coach

"I gained actual online students. ... I learned how to take action on my impulses so that taking action is not such a heavy thing anymore.

I learned how to be bold, and what it feels like to not care what others think in a 'positive way,'

[The program] is worth the investment and MORE. I have already recommended it to others."

-- Mitsue Mikawa, musician and teacher

We'll follow a simple roadmap

to get your business (and life!) from where you are now

to where you want to be

the Accountability Coach Training online program (ACT)

Lifetime access to an online program delivered over 6 weeks:

get clear

Module 1: Get Clear

Step onto an easier path to having a coaching business that helps create the lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

You'll discover what accountability coaching is and why it's the missing piece in coaching, meaning plenty of opportunities for YOU.

get learning

Module 2: Get Learning

Learn the insider secrets of being an amazing accountability coach.

Discover why it's such a powerful form of coaching that demands less of your time but produces better results for clients. Great combination, right?

Have a niche? Great. No niche? No website? No social media followers? No problem!

get started

Module 3: Get Going

Jumpstart your business by putting aside complexity, for good.

You'll learn the 3 simple steps to accountability coaching that make it easy to get started with your first client (or even with someone you're already working with).

get clients

Module 4: Get Clients

Design easy-to-offer programs that do away with complicated "client attraction" strategies and focus on ease & fun, instead.

SNEAK PEEK: There is no simpler offer than asking someone, "Is there a goal you'd like to reach that you haven't been able to? I can help you with that."

get out & coach

Module 5: Get Out & Coach

This type of coaching is perfect for a "learn by doing" setup.

Discover the simple techniques that can generate ravings fans right away. And those are the kind of clients who will send more people your way (unless they want to keep you for themselves!).

get even better

Module 6: Get Even Better

Ready to raise your game? You can become a superstar accountability coach and bring in more business by learning -- and practicing -- a few new skills.

You'll also see how (non-scary) technology can help make the coaching process even better for you and for your clients. And ... drum roll, please ... we'll talk about passive income opportunities, too!

Each module features video or audio lessons plus simple yet powerful action steps that you can complete in just a few minutes a day.

  • BONUS A private FB community: Take daily steps toward your goals in a supportive group. You're in for life!
  • BONUS Regular LIVE group Q&A calls (plus the recordings): Bring your questions and meet your fellow ACT members. Lifetime access -- yay!
  • BONUS The Happy Sales Script online program: Host delightful discovery calls that lead to sales. Lifetime access to the course plus all updates.

More insights from ACT participants

"Joining Mary’s Accountability Coach Training program finally helped me take action towards setting up my coaching business after years of wanting it and signing up to many programs promising to help me do it but without any results.

I’ve managed to reach a goal I’ve had for years in just a week of taking a small step each day."

-- Mireille Lepelblad, certified health coach

I have finally been able to get out of my own way. … 

This program has shown me that I am capable and competent, which I thought I had somehow lost.

I love the simplicity of the approach, and anyone who is a coach or wants to start a coaching business can do it."

-- Mary Strange, accountability coach

I'm Mary Schiller,

creator of the Accountability Coach Training program


  • This program is focused on taking small, doable steps every day so that you are not overwhelmed
  • When you take a small step every day, you'll make progress on creating the online coaching business you really want
  • You'll receive unparalleled support
  • I'll make everything as simple as possible
  • I'll do everything I can to help you succeed. You're not in this alone
Mary Schiller

Mary Schiller, author & coach

This program is for you if ...

  • You're ready to take focused, purposeful action
  • You are tired of gimmicky marketing "stuff" that people say you have to do
  • You want to jumpstart a brand new business but don't know how
  • You have a coaching practice already but it is stalled
  • You can afford to invest in this program without putting yourself in financial jeopardy

This program is NOT for you if ...

  • You will buy this program and then let it sit on the "shelf" and get dusty
  • You cannot commit to taking steps that are outside your "comfort zone"
  • You need personalized financial or business advice (please see a professional financial advisor)

Let's recap what's included in the Accountability Coach Training online program (ACT)

A 6-module online program, delivered weekly over 6 weeks (lifetime access):

  • Get clear on what you really want from your coaching business (finally!)
  • Learn what accountability coaching is and how to do it (even with no previous coaching experience)
  • Discover how to get clients in a no-stress way, without fancy marketing "gimmicks"
  • Design simple and beautiful programs that people can't wait to say YES to
  • Take simple steps daily toward having the business -- and life -- you really want

Plus these Mary-velous bonuses (haha!)

  • Private Facebook group for coaching & community support and accountability
  • The Happy Sales Script online course (lifetime access), so you can host delightful discovery calls that lead to sales
  • Invitations to regular group Q&A calls so that you get all your questions answered (recorded).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it,

is to drop the overwhelm & complexity

and START . . .

Coaching people

Earning a real income

Living the life you really want

without working all the dang time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be a coach already?

A. Nope! You will learn the simple steps to helping people succeed. What you need is a willingness to learn and then put yourself out there. You can do this.

Q. How much time will it take me to do this program?

A. The program is designed to be completed over 6 weeks in about 20 minutes a day.

Q. Are all the modules released on Day 1? And how long do I have access to everything?

A. The program is delivered online, module by module over 6 weeks. The reason why is because it's important not to overwhelm yourself and give yourself space and time to take a step forward every day. The videos are downloadable, so you can download and keep them on computer, if you wish.

Q. Does Accountability Coach Training include any personal support?

A. Yes! There is a *bonus* private FB group, and you'll be invited to regular "live" group Q&A calls to get your questions answered.

Q. Will you teach us a specific business model?

A. Not in the traditional way, but in a better way, if I do say so myself. All the complexity you are accustomed to will dissolve. You'll see that having a simple, powerful and profitable coaching business does not have to be difficult or super time consuming. In fact, it can be really fun.

Q. Is it really possible for me to learn how to coach this way and set up a business JUST from going through an online program?

A. Yes, IF you take action every day -- and if you ask for support when you need it. You're not alone in this.

Q. If I am a coach already, will I need to change everything I’m doing?

A. Absolutely not. You’ll be able to bring accountability coaching into what you already do. You’ll make things easier for yourself and even better for your clients.

Q. What happens when I click the BUY NOW button?

A. You will be taken to a secure checkout page to enter your information. Within a few minutes of completing that process, you’ll be emailed your receipt and and information for access to the program (hosted on the Teachable platform). Be sure to check all of your email folders, including spam and trash.

Note: All sales are final. No transfers or cancellations. I want you to be sure about this buying decision, so if you’re not sure, please don't enroll.

Q. Why don't you offer a money-back guarantee?

A. I really want you to commit to this program because I know how valuable it can be for you. I am committed to you 100 percent. So let's meet in that beautiful commitment middle.

Although I wish I could guarantee your financial success, unfortunately I cannot. That is up to you and the steps you take, personally. There are no promises made as to how much money you could earn by enrolling in this program.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. You can email mary at maryschiller.com. Here are links to the disclaimerprivacy policy and terms & conditions.