CourseBooks Content Rules

These are subject to change, so check regularly

You can do almost anything with a CourseBook, but here are a few things that aren't permitted:

  • You cannot give away or sell the rights to the materials. They are for you only.
  • You cannot put the contents into a book on Amazon (against Amazon's rules).
  • You cannot give or sell the editable file to anyone, including clients or customers.
  • You cannot put the content into any article directories.
  • You cannot use my name, Mary Schiller, or my company name, SVP Consulting, Inc., on the content.

Suggestions to make the most out of CourseBooks

  • If you're going to sell the CourseBook as-is, consider not putting your name as the author but saying, Provided By (and then your name).
  • Use the content in combination with your own.
  • Mix and match the CourseBook content.
  • Always add your own examples.
  • Change the colors and images to match your brand, style and voice.
  • Take the content out of the template and use it almost any way you want to (see above rules!).
  • When you use the CourseBooks for larger courses or training programs, price them appropriately. I recommend a minimum of $97.

What can you create? How about ...

  • an ebook/workbook
  • a 5-day challenge (free or paid)
  • an online course
  • a live group program
  • a weekend workshop
  • a membership offer for recurring income
  • a series of live talks
  • a private coaching package
  • a course delivered via email
  • a premium VIP day or weekend
  • a private podcast
  • and/or ...
  • use it as a lead magnet
  • or use it for your social media posts
  • What else can you think of?

Questions about how to use CourseBooks?

Email mary at Merci!

Mary Schiller