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BEWARE! This program is not typical

  • You won’t change your money mindset
  • You won’t recite affirmations
  • You won’t learn your “money archetype”
  • You won’t break through your “money blocks”
  • You won’t “work hard” at making money

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In this online program, you will learn ...

money honey
  • How to stop worrying about money, no matter how much (or little) money you have in your bank account — yes, that means freedom from money stress
  • How trying to shift your “money mindset” is holding you back, and what to do instead that will get some cha-ching! happening around here
  • How it’s possible make money with less effort and more fun
  • How it’s simple to make money faster, without feeling like you’re working yourself to death
  • And a whole lot more

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to change your financial reality faster than you may believe possible

Experience a new level of freedom around money

Money can be tons of fun instead of a pain in the you-know-what

Exchange a feeling of fear for one of possibility and excitement

Let's Make Money, Honey!

the online course that can change your life

"Mary is a clear, wonderful teacher. I would recommend Let’s Make Money, Honey! because it has helped me drop some thinking I had around money, and I’ve begun to have a more playful attitude.

I was able to create $3,275 in just a few days by being open to inspiration and acting on it and having fun."

-- Kim Kaase

"The biggest shift is that I am the creator of my money. I never saw that before. My fear around money is diminishing, and my creativity is peeking through.

My favorite thing about Let’s Make Money, Honey! is taking the power out of money and putting the power in our hands and heart.

I would absolutely recommend this program. Mary is smart, professional, kind and passionate about helping people."

-- Debbie Crader

Let's Make Money, Honey!

  • 5 *DOWNLOADABLE* VIDEO LESSONS PER WEEK for 4 WEEKS (20 total): Each video lesson builds on the one prior to it.
  • WEEKLY MONEY-MAKING ASSIGNMENTS: Each week will suggest a fun money-making assignment for you to complete.
  • A PLACE TO ASK YOUR QUESTIONS & GET ANSWERS: Each lesson has a discussion area that is monitored daily.
  • BONUS! ACCESS TO 27 FB LIVE RECORDINGS, all downloadable: More than 27 hours of additional teaching to enjoy as you'd like -- all from the original Let's Make Money, Honey! membership group

Here are all the modules and lessons you'll receive

in Let's Make Money, Honey!

Lesson 1: Get This, and You're Home Free, Part 1

Lesson 2: Get This, and You're Home Free, Part 2

Lesson 3: A Spectacular New View of "Financial Freedom"

Lesson 4: Turn Off the Hyperactive Fear Machine (Please!)

Lesson 5: Play the Money Game

Lesson 1: Trying to Change Your "Money Mindset"? Stop!

Lesson 2: You Don't Have a Relationship with Money, Either

Lesson 3: Stop Wasting Your Precious Life

Lesson 4: The Only Thing You Need to Do

Lesson 5: Dream On!

Lesson 1: You Don't Need Anyone's Advice or Direction

Lesson 2: Listen and Respond

Lesson 3: Take the Focus off "Me-Me-Me!"

Lesson 4: What If It's Actually Easy?

Lesson 5: Get Used to the Pace

Lesson 1: Create Value & Do It Quickly

Lesson 2: Say "YES" More Often

Lesson 3: You Are Unstoppable

Lesson 4: Have Fun, and Then Have More Fun

Lesson 5: You Have Permission to Monetize Yourself

  • 27+ Hours of Bonus FB Live Recordings: 27 downloadable audio (.mp3) and video recordings of Facebook live talks from the original Let’s Make Money, Honey! membership, never made available before.
  • A Big Money Breakthrough: Enjoy this recording of a big money breakthrough that, all by itself, can change how you see the source of money forever, as it did for me and has for many, many of my clients

"One of the reasons I joined the course was because of the manner in which Mary comes across. I like her light-heartedness, her ability to make it look like fun and also the fact that she is not negative or judgmental about wanting to make money or seeing that as something bad or greedy.

I would recommend the course to others, but not necessarily for those wanting to only make money.

I think that this course is about way more than money, about a deeper understanding of what is really behind life."

-- Kiran

Hi! I'm Mary Schiller, creator of Let's Make Money, Honey!

– I will never teach you something I haven’t done, myself — ever. Money used to freak me out! But not anymore.

– I’m not going to throw you into an online course that’s made of fluff or provide tons of information that’s overwhelming and unusable. I have a master’s degree in online learning and have taught thousands of students online.

– I love what I do, and I’m living proof that you can go from being in a dead-job to having the business and life you really want. I mean, I’m a Californian who now lives in my dream city of Paris, France, for goodness’ sake! I live the happy laptop lifestyle, and I’m never giving it up.

– I put my name to everything I do, as well — including 11 books (so far!) on Amazon worldwide.

You’re ready for the Let's Make Money, Honey! online course if you are …

  • Tired of feeling like money has power over you
  • Ready to discover how fun money can actually be (even if it's been terrifying up until now!)
  • Brave enough to take look at money in an entirely new way

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any refunds on this program?

A. No. All sales are final. If you're not sure this program is right for you, then please do not buy it.

Q. Are all the videos downloadable?

A. Yes. The audios of the FB Live talks are downloadable, too.

Q. What happens when I click the orange enrollment button?

A. You’ll be taken to a secure payment page. After the transaction is completed, you’ll have access to everything on a platform called MemberVault. Look for an email with details.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Be sure to read the terms & conditions. More questions? Email mary [at] maryschiller.com

Q. Can you guarantee that I'll make money, Mary?

A. Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his/her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital, and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Consult a financial professional if you need to. This program does not constitute an offer to collaborate on any venture. In other words, your finances are your responsibility. That’s a good thing.

Let go of money stress, for good

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