Ready to set up your online shop & start selling digital products, courses and/or coaching ...

in 40 days (or less)?

Let's do this -- together

Mary Schiller

Consider me your personal Online Concierge, at your service. Let's get your online shop open for business in 40 days (or less!).

This isn't ordinary coaching support to get your online course, digital product or coaching offer online. Take a look at what you receive if we decide to work together ...

VIP Concierge: 40 days of unlimited support

Over 40 days, I will ...

  • Work with you to get your online course, digital product or coaching program outlined & the creation under way (and DONE if you're motivated!)
  • Help you set up your online shop on Gumroad, Payhip or Teachable. If you already have an online shop on one of these platforms or on another one, we will optimize it and make sure everything is working (and looking) as it should
  • Provide you with a sales page planner/template for your offer + appropriate commercial-use images (one offer/course/product only)
  • Make edits/tweaks to your sales page copy after you draft it
  • Make sure your email marketing and payment systems are connected properly to your online shop
  • Write a "welcome" email sequence (2 emails) in your email marketing system for everyone who enrolls in your course or coaching program or who purchases your digital product (I'll do this for you!)
  • Answer other tech questions that arise along the way
  • Include an initial Zoom call, unlimited access to me via the free Voxer app plus as many other Zoom or phone calls as we need
  • BONUS: Includes your choice of a done-for-you CourseBook or CourseBook Audio Kit (worth up to $247)

$1997 $597 USD special launch investment (one payment). Grab your spot before Sept. 30, 2022. Schedule a call, below.

VIP Concierge Gold: 3 months of unlimited support

Includes everything in the VIP Concierge service plus ...

  • An additional 2 months of unlimited support (approximately 3-1/2 months, total)
  • Personalized answers to all of your product, course and coaching offer creation questions
  • Personalized answers to all of your tech questions
  • Personalized answers to all of your writing and marketing questions
  • BONUS: 3 done-for-you CourseBooks or CourseBook Audio Kits (worth up to $740)

$4,000 USD (one payment) or 2 monthly payments of $2,100 (for a total of $4,200).

Schedule a call, below, to see if this is the best choice for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should I work with you?

A. I have created and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own online products, courses and coaching programs since 2016. I have used all 3 of the platforms (Gumroad, Payhip & Teachable) for years.

I also have been working as a professional writer and in the online education, tech & marketing world for more than 25 years (including a master's degree in online education and another in English).

Q. If I sign up for the 40-day concierge service, what happens if we finish everything before the 40 days is up?

A. Then we will see how else I can support you for the remainder of the time.

Q. How do we work together?

A. We start with a 30-min. Zoom call, and then we have other Zoom or phone calls as needed. You have unlimited access to me via the free Voxer app.

Q. If I get on a complimentary call, will you try to convince me to sign up?

A. No. If this is what you're meant to do, you will do it.

Q. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A. No. When you commit, you commit -- and so do I.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Please schedule a call with me using the calendar, above. Note that these complimentary calls are reserved only for people who are serious about this investment of time and money.

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