Paths to Coach to 5K

Here's what's on offer inside Coach to 5K ...

Everything you'll learn is based on these 3 simple steps to 5K+ months:

Step 1: Build your credibility

Step 2: Make amazing offers

Step 3: Dazzle your clients

Paths to Coach to 5K include ...

  • Free! Free! Free! I love teaching on FB and Instagram
  • Paid trainings: You can enroll in one-time masterclasses, multi-day group trainings or workshops
  • Pre-recorded trainings & online courses: Learn on your own schedule.
  • Coach to 5K Academy: Make the investment in yourself and your dreams with a one-year group mentorship program that includes personalized, expert support; ongoing training to help you reach 5K per month; members-only benefits; and a community of incredible, inspiring coaches. Click here to discover more.
  • Private coaching: Work one-to-one with me, from a single session to 3 months.

Mary Schiller

author, coach & creator of Coach to 5K

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