Popcorn Product Academy is a 12-month group mentorship program that saves you the stress of trying to put all the pieces together yourself.

Reach your income goals faster with an expert by your side, every step of the way.

A message from Mary Schiller


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I have earned several hundred thousand dollars from digital products, online courses and high-end offers since I started as a coach in 2016.

No ads. Tiny email list. Mini social media following. It hasn't mattered

The reason? I have something most solopreneurs don't have ... A TON of training & experience creating online courses, products and offers that POP.

Your genius + POPCORN PRODUCT ACADEMY = A brand new day

Here's what we do inside


  • You tap into your genius and inspiration
  • We decide the best way to package your genius into an online course or digital product that POPS.
  • You craft a confident, compelling message and sell that offer
  • Repeat!

You don't need to do this alone



How you and I will work together -- because I'm in this with you


You can have your first digital product created and online to sell in 24 hours. You'll be surprised at how many simple options there are to get going fast.


Learn a simple 4-step formula for creating & selling digital products, from small products all the way up to online courses. Have fun while you create & sell!


Take ALL my live group programs + exclusive bonus trainings for 12 months. Ask questions anytime and get expert answers when you need them

Here's what's included in the Popcorn Product Academy

What Popcorn Product Academy members say

You couldn't ask for a better mentor and guide than Mary Schiller when it comes to building your coaching business. Mary has exceeded my expectations and constantly surprises and delights me with her proactive responses to what's needed in that red-hot moment -- even creating additional, personally tailored content as a result of a focused conversation.

She has taken the terror out of being a businesswoman, and brought the joy, the laughter, the productivity and creativity back in. I can't recommend her enough. Everyone should be so blessed to have Mary on their side.

— Dorothy Kolomeisky, author, coach and happy Popcorn Product Academy member

Mary, what I am learning, seeing and experiencing is so much bigger than I expected to get from this program! It goes deep and is fundamentally changing how I perceive myself and how I live my life.

So many things are starting to make sense, along with exactly what I’m here to share and why my business is at the stage it is. Huge! Thank you!

— Alys G. Daly (find her on FB!), mindset, business & success strategist and happy Popcorn Product Academy member

I've had some massive realizations about why I haven't had more results with my programs and offerings: they often haven't been specific enough in terms of the audience and results.

It's clear now that I can't just take some blogs and turn them into an audio offering if they're simply musings on the nature of whatever I'm talking about. So although this may take a bit longer to create, I'm ever so much clearer on how to go forward.

Another benefit of being in the Popcorn Product Academy!

— Nina Lockwood, coach, www.ninalockwood.com, and happy Popcorn Product Academy member

Who am I to coach you? Let's see ...

  • I have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of digital products and online-based, high-end coaching programs since I started as a coach in 2016: No ads. Small audience (email list is currently 1,000).
  • I have master's degrees in English & online education. I've created and taught dozens of online courses since 1999.
  • I love teaching coaches how to create and sell digital products with ease.
  • I'm a tech and word nerd. I love what technology has afforded me: like moving to my dream city of Paris, France, and running a 6-figure business. I also love working with words and know how important they are to your business.

XO Mary Schiller

What more clients have said about my programs

My promise to you

"How do I join, Mary?

And what's the price?"

I'm doing something that most businesses DON'T DO

  • I'm telling you the price upfront. I want to know all the details before I click buttons or schedule a call, and I assume you do, too.

The price is $555 per month for 12 months, or you can pay in full $6,000.

That investment covers a full year of access to ...

  • the online curriculum to teach you how to easily create & sell digital products and online courses as part of your coaching business (or as the main thing!)
  • twice-monthly live group Q&A calls on Zoom (they are also recorded for you)
  • private FB group to post questions anytime and received personal responses
  • ALL of Mary's live group programs during your 12-month membership plus EXCLUSIVE bonus trainings just for members
  • 4 one-to-one Zoom sessions with Mary (one per quarter)
  • BONUS: a private podcast with the trainings so that you can learn on the go

There is an extra bonus for paying in full, which is a 90-minute 1:1 VIP QuickStart Session with me on Zoom.

  • Why the Popcorn Product Academy is by application only.

I really want to make sure that the Popcorn Product Academy is right for you. It's that simple.

When you click the green button you'll choose a time for a 30-minute Zoom call and answer a few questions. (You won't be added to an email list.)

Click the green button now. Let's talk about your desire for more freedom and how to make it happen.


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