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INSTANT CLIENTS! The ONE thing you can offer that everyone wants (& will pay you for)

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  • Discover the simplest source of new clients
  • Learn how it's possible to save time & effort while making more money
  • Uncover the one thing that will get an easy YES from prospective clients


5 FREE Ways to Get Clients Fast

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  • Learn what to do first that costs nothing and can bring in clients super quick
  • Find a great source of paying clients that most people overlook
  • Discover something I have done for years that has given me more clients than any other strategy

One-page QUICKSTART guide: Host Delightful Discovery Calls That Sell

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  • A simple process to host delightful 1:1 discovery calls that lead to more sales, starting now
  • Tips to make it easier for prospects to say YES to your offers
  • How discovery calls never, ever have to feel icky or sales-y

CHILL OUT: 10 Life Hacks to Do Less & Have More

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  • Discover how to truly achieve work-life balance
  • Learn the real secret to productivity
  • Uncover how be "in the flow" all the time (yes!)

Chill Out

Looking for an accountability coach?

Here are some amazing people who have completed my exclusive Accountability Coach Training program

Julia Chapman / www.bodyjoy.co.uk

Who I work with: People transitioning to making money from what they love

Nikki Crawford / www.yourpeacefulspace.com

Who I work with: I love to work with those who feel stuck to reclaim their confidence and clarity by helping them move forward, one step at a time.

Monique Horb / www.OrganizingYourChaos.com

Who I work with: I love working with women who are tired of being stuck and ready to make changes.

Linda Hough / www. lindahough.com

Who I work with: I work with women who want to overcome resistance and realize their creative dreams.

Anna Kolak / www.annakolak.com

Work I work with: I love working with people who have achieved success, are connected to their power, but wanting to create something different.

Mireille Lepelblad / www.mimihealthcoaching.com

Who I work with: The clients I enjoy working with are those that feel deep in their heart that they want to do something in life but feel they cannot for whatever reason. I love helping them come out of hiding and shine their light. I recently created an accountability group coaching program to help those who are healers but feel stuck to get past the obstacles they see. This is very close to my heart and an idea I’ve had pop up regularly for years. Being able to take action on it and have people interested in the program feels great.

Nina Lockwood / ninalockwood.com

Who I work with: Women, men, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, creative types

Mitsue Mikawa / www.LivingEigo.com

Who I work with: English Language Learners

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