No more ick factor! How to host free discovery calls that are fun, non-sales-y, and actually bring in new clients

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Most coaches want more wonderful clients

and are enthusiastic about helping people.

But there’s a problem …

The problem is ... they're TERRIFIED of making offers "live" on a call with someone!

So they avoid, avoid, avoid making offers during free calls with prospects

OR ...

they discount their offer in their heads before they say the price out loud or then say it's free!

What's the result?

  • Little chance of making a higher-priced offer
  • Growing resentment over coaching people at a low price that doesn't pay the bills
  • Frustration over working hard and not creating a real income
  • Not serving people in the fullest way possible

This is not what most coaches dream of, right?

There's a simple way to fix this: by hosting DELIGHTFUL discovery calls that are no pressure, all fun ... and that generate SALES

Most coaches aren’t sure how to do this type of call, let alone with ease.

The whole conversation about "sales calls" makes it seem like an icky, horrible process.

I want to assure you …

–> You don’t need to be a professional salesperson to do these calls well.

–> You don’t need to change anything about what you’re doing as a coach

because you can bring that passion to these calls.

I can show you how to host delightful discovery calls that lead to paid clients.

Never feel like you're "selling," ever

That’s why I’m offering my exclusive online course called the The Happy Sales Script for a special price of just $97

Happy Sales Script

The Happy Sales Script is an online course that will show you a simple, effective way to host discovery calls that sell, without ever being like an icky salesperson.

It's easy to follow, easy to use, and easy to implement in your coaching business right away.

How might your coaching business be different if you could ...

offer free calls

Offer free calls, knowing exactly how to host them with ease


State your offer and price with confidence to a prospective client

piggy bank

Start earning higher fees so that your business can THRIVE

There's something the highest-earning coaches know how to do well

and it's time for you to know it, too

introducing ...

The Happy Sales Script

Host Delightful Discovery Calls That Lead to Sales

"A discovery call can be mutually beneficial and help both sides to see something new.

I hadn't thought of seeing these calls like that before. I love the simplicity."

-- Mary, a Happy Sales Script student

"It surprised me that I got excited about doing these calls and that they are about connecting, not selling.

This is coming from someone who used to be scared to answer the phone if I didn’t know who was calling."

-- MiMi, a Happy Sales Script student

Unlike long & complicated online courses, this program gets right into it.

Simple steps can lead to big results

what's included in

the Happy Sales Script

  • An easy-to-follow online course and support to help you host delightful discovery calls that can lead to more sales
  • A step-by-step method that you can use right away to put you AND your prospective client at ease
  • The secret structure to calls that sell
  • Simple training on how to handle objections
  • Ideas for where / how to invite people to these free calls
  • Pro tips to make the whole process go more smoothly

plus 2 irresistible bonuses

  • BONUS The Coach's Confidence Booster: 60 Minutes to Knowing Your Value & Charging What You're Worth This audio course will almost instantly shift how you see the value of your coaching so that you can earn more.
  • BONUS A place inside the course to get the help you need to bring in those clients Post your questions and get personalized answers

Hi! I'm Mary Schiller, creator of The Happy Sales Script

– I will never teach you something I haven’t done, myself — ever. What's in this program comes from firsthand selling experience to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars

– I’m not going to throw you into an online course that’s made of fluff or provide tons of information that’s overwhelming and unusable. I have a master’s degree in online learning and have taught hundreds (maybe thousands, actually!) of students online.

– I love what I do, and I’m living proof that you can go from being in a dead-job to having the business and life you really want. I mean, I’m a Californian who now lives in my dream city of Paris, France, for goodness’ sake! I live the happy laptop lifestyle, and I’m never giving it up.

– I put my name to everything I do, as well — including 11 books (so far!) on Amazon worldwide.

You’re ready for The Happy Sales Script online course if you are …

  • Ready to take your income to the next level
  • Willing to go beyond your comfort zone and try something new and FUN (yes!)
  • Brave enough to take bold steps on behalf of your life and your dreams
 Mary Schiller

Mary here! I’m a small business owner, just like you. And like you, I stand behind everything I sell.

However, I also want you to own your buying decision.

There are no refunds on this product. See the FAQ's, below, for more details.

If there’s any question in your mind as to whether this program will help you or whether you’ll follow through on using it, please do not buy it. I don’t want you to spend money on something — one of my programs or anyone else’s — unless you’re sure that it could help you.

XO Mary

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Q. Do I need any previous sales training to succeed with this system?

A. Nope! You will learn everything, step by step, and you'll see how easy this really is.

Q. Does The Happy Sales Script include any personal support?

A. Yes! You can post questions inside the course itself in the discussion area, which is monitored daily.

Q. What happens when I click the BUY NOW button?

A. You will be taken to a secure checkout page to enter your information. Within a few minutes of completing that process, you’ll be emailed your login information to access the program on the Teachable platform. Be sure to check all of your email folders, including spam and trash. Thank you!

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Here are links to the privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions.

Ramp up your income the easy and fun way!

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