Imagine having time each week completely devoted to you and your business goals.

Time to create, to plan, to organize, to write, to make progress.

Uninterrupted. No distractions.

Alongside other inspired solopreneurs who are committed to their dreams

and who are supporting your goals, too.

Energy. Courage. Power. Confidence. And a bit of MAGIC.

That's what you have with SoloSpace

It's a simple and powerful process

1. We meet as a group LIVE on Zoom for 3 hours every Wednesday

4 to 7 pm Paris time

3 to 6 pm UK

10 am to 1 pm Eastern

7 am to 10 am Pacific

2. We have a structured 3-hour Get It Done session: Choose a project, and get it done

Hour 1: A 15-minute intro, a 45-minute work session

Hour 2: a 15-minute break, a 45-minute work session

Hour 3: a 15-minute break, a 30-minute work session, and a 15-minute wrap-up & planning session

3. Your dream business isn't just a dream anymore; it starts to become REAL

You make progress every week with the support of a coach and a group of dedicated solopreneurs who are all rooting for your success. The power of working side by side with others is ... well, it's POWERFUL. There's nothing like it.

Hi! I'm Mary Schiller, the creator of SoloSpace

I'm an author, coach & 6-figure solopreneur who helps solopreneurs like you achieve their goals by giving them the space, time and support in which to make progress. You can read more about me here, if you'd like.

I created SoloSpace with you in mind.

SoloSpace is designed so that you can finally get into a solid and simple weekly routine, yes. But it's so much more.

It's where you can bring everything you want and actually DO IT.

It's time to make progress on what really matters to you.

Email me, mary @, to get the signup link.


Being a solopreneur doesn't have to mean going it alone

I know what it's like to feel like you're alone in this "business thing." There's a lot of noise out there, lots of people telling you what you should be doing. It can be overwhelming.

SoloSpace is a respite from all of that noise and confusion. It's also a place for you to be who you are, without apology. Here's what we do:

  • We follow the fun: we do what we enjoy and stay away from business tasks that feel like hard work and drudgery,
  • We do what we say we'll do: we put Butt In Chair ("BIC," as I like to say) and finish our projects, and
  • We see our goals and dreams materialize, week after week, right before our eyes.

The investment is $997 for 6 months of a weekly LIVE group accountability coaching / co-working session on Zoom.

It also includes a monthly group review and planning session and a way to get your business questions answered each week.

A small investment for making your dreams and goals a reality -- finally!

You have permission to invest in yourself ...

You have permission to create time in your life for what's important to you.

You have permission to dream as big and as BOLDLY as you want to.

You have permission to be successful.

You have permission to have everything you want.

Click the button to email me for the signup link: mary at

Why this program is by application only

I can't wait to read your application.

Thank you!


Mary, your friendly Fairy BUT-Kicker

SoloSpace is for solopreneurs who will show up every week for themselves and for other solopreneurs.

If you've decided that you finally want to step into the vision you have for your life and make real progress, I invite you to apply.

Founding members will never pay more than $997 every 6 months as long as they are members in good standing.

  • Join the weekly live 3-hour group co-working session on Zoom (starting at 4 pm Paris, 3 pm UK, 10 am Eastern, 7 am Pacific)
  • Submit your business-related questions anytime and receive an expert response
  • Attend a group monthly Evaluate & Elevate call to assess your progress & plan for even more success
  • Take the Business Wake-Up Call mini-course to help you determine where you're spending your time & how you can improve your focus on what matters to your business

Email me to get the signup link. Thank you!


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